Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My cuddle-bug

Abigaile is my cuddliest kid. The others like to have mommy-time, too, but Abbie just ALWAYS wants to be near me, on top of me, wrapped around me, on my lap, my head, my legs...(that attachment parenting thing seems to have backfired on me. I can't even go to the bathroom by myself anymore.) ;)
But it's moments like these that I don't mind so much...she's dozing on my lap while I sit at the computer, and her little (sticky...from what? not sure...ewww) hand curls around my finger like she did when she was a baby. Her thumb falls partially out of her mouth and she makes these funny little whistling sounds when she breathes (she's a mouth-breather like me). I had to snap my fingers at Katie to break her I'm-in-a-zombie-book-mode concentration to hand me the camera because I didn't want to break the spell.
I love being a mama.


Melody Strayer said...

That is so very sweet.

Jen said... incredibly sweet! (and do mamas really ever get to go to the bathroom alone? i don't think i've been by myself for 6.5 years!)

shelleybelly said...

Just so you know, you will pretty much NEVER go potty (yes my child is 17 and I still call it potty) alone again. For some reason it's just like being on the phone....they need nothing unless or until you are taking your morning constitutional in the loo or are on the phone, then suddenly your attantion is urgently needed. That's why God made them so we couldn't kill them. LOL!