Thursday, February 14, 2008

Legend of St. Valentine

So, the whole Valentine's Day thing just isn't really my....thing, but we had fun this morning, anyway. We made red (well, pink) heart-shaped pancakes and some cupcakes for the spaghetti dinner at our church tonight. (Yay for Red Dye #40! Just kidding. Well, it was food coloring. I don't really know what the chemical composition was, but between the pancakes, the cupcakes, the icing and the sugar I tinted red for the sprinkles, I used like half a bottle. Hope it's not toxic!)
The legend of St. Valentine makes me wonder WHERE the whole "let me give you flowers, chocolates, romance and hot sex" thing came in...well, the "hot sex" is, apparently a direct tribute to the fact that it was to counteract a pagan fertility festival. The whole thing is just bizarre.
Anyway, for those of you who always wanted to know, here's the story:
Legend of Saint Valentine


Melody Strayer said...

Who are those kids that are half grown?!?!? Surely they are not my little niece and nephew!!

jen said...

love the pancakes! happy valentine's day!

Gwenn Mangine said...

We had pink heart shaped pancakes too. It must be because both of us are such good moms. :)

I can't imagine the x O
were easy to flop...