Thursday, July 3, 2008


...was amazing. Amazing not only in the "spiritually-fed" sense, but in the "really, how in the heck do these people DO this every year?" sense. The administration of th festival is truly, truly amazing. All of the details are just astounding. Working "behind the scenes" as I and my family do gives a bit of a glimpse into the inner workings, but still, it's pretty intense.
One of my co-workers asked me tonight, "What was your favorite Creation?" I'm sure she had no idea she was asking me such a profound question. Was it my first one? The first year we served on staff? The year I started working for steel crew? The year I started RUNNING steel crew? I had to pick one, so I picked '99, the first year I went with my husband. It was a pretty big turning point. I had gone pretty much my whole life, met pretty much most of the people who are most important to me, but in '99 I got to start a whole new chapter with Jon. I am so blessed and so lucky that my husband not only immediately loved Creation and my Creation family, but made it his own. He has made a whole new set of friends that are now my own dear friends (I didn't know ANYONE from public safety until he started there!).
My best Creation memory this year can't be narrowed down to one. Leading worship on Sunday morning was incredible (I'm still waiting for that video, Sandrene!). The stage build was great; it went quicker and more smoothly this year than it ever has. Hanging out with "my crowd" was so awesome ("IT'S A BAKE SALE! CAN'T YOU SEE IT?"). Leading kids' worship with Heidi was so fun. Chris Tomlin totally rocked my world. (Seriously. I want my worship team at church to learn every Chris Tomlin song ever.) Watching Amy Grant not know the words to very-well-known worship songs was a trip. Candle-lighting was as beautiful as ever. Probably the best moment for me, though, was seeing the look on Gwenn's kids' faces when she and Nick showed up unexpectedly on Friday night. The joy evident in their faces is not something I'll soon forget.
I'll post pictures when I can; I forget every. time. how my new camera works. (Yes, I'm a dork.)


Connie Garlick said...

No, you're not a dork. If it were not for my husband I'd have no clue how the electronics in my house work, including my camera and my cell phone. Ok, maybe we're both dorks.

shelley said...

"Are you too cheap to buy your girlfriend a pie?!" Classic.

Anonymous said...

my favorite part was having my daughters, son-in-laws and my seven grandchildren all of these days maybe Steve will come too! check out my videos on utube. Creation Festival Staff. soon i will upload the kids dancing :)

ctf said...

it was almost unnerving how smoothly some things went this year at the festival. I agree with you, Chris Tomlin was a highlight for me, (plus one of the few concerts I actually saw, haha). I'm always amazed how you and John and Crew get those towers up and down... you are my heroes. :)