Thursday, July 10, 2008

Abbie again

I know, I know...the baby always gets the attention, right? When people who don't know Abbie meet her for the first time, they either say A) You're going to be in trouble with THAT one (people who DO know her say this, too) or B) THAT'S the one you're going to bail out of jail. (Her father says that, too.)
Here a few pictures of the little monster:

Baywatch: The Toddler Years

This is just before she swooshed sand and water all over her sister.
FYI: That is iced-tea in there.
Peekaboo! Guess who?
It's Miss Goggles!
Or Miss Sassy-Pants, if you prefer.


Melody Strayer said...

Crazy kid.

ctf said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, my! She is amazing! And you are so right about that one. Keep your eyes on her at all times!
Love, Sally B

Anonymous said...

even if she would end up in jail, she could sooo talk her way out of it! Just look at that adorable face!