Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh, yeah...Creation pictures!

These are in no particular order (I'll probably change that sometime, because of the whole OCD thing, but right now the laziness is overriding the neurosis.)

Fred! As you may know, this is "pretty much the only reason I go to
Creation" (Micah)

Micah onstage with Bigsby (the other reason)

Abbie with Bigsby

Abbie and Jessica at the Chris Tomlin concert


Slobbery open-mouth kisses from Evie

Nico and Bigsby (are we sensing a pattern? I'm a Bigsby groupie!)

Two of the four cutest nieces/nephews I have

David Crowder

Peter Furler of the Newsboys

Jon and Nia SMOKIN' the cookie-eating contest

Katie and Joshua Benner in the Bible trivia contest

We LOVED the childrens' tent!

Bigsby again (ok, I'm just now realizing the ridiculousness of this)

Katie and Evie

Gary. Love this guy.

My kiddos with Mama Candy and Jessica atop the lookout

The stage I built (haha) from the lookout

Michael and Shelley

Heidi tuning up for kids' worship

Praying before staff worship

Worship service

Micah helping build the childrens' stage

Checking blueprints with Tommy Fender

My honey working headblocks


Connie Garlick said...

Love the pics - wish I had been there - I hope to be next year - thanks for sharing

Jen said...

hey we are huge Bigsby fans over here as well. I sing the Muffin Man song with gusto.