Friday, July 11, 2008

The Prosperity "Gospel"

I was discussing this topic with my husband and my friend Shelley the other night. So many people that I really love and respect have been TOTALLY taken in by a church that preaches the prosperity "gospel". I put "gospel" in quotes not because I have an affinity for them (although I do, but not like my affinity for parentheses, remember?), but because I'm trying to convey through written words that "I think this 'gospel' is a bunch of CRAP."
Really, the gist of it (as I understand it) is that God wants the best for us. Wait, wait, I'm not finished yet. Of course God wants the best for us, right? Prosperity "gospel" adherents say that that means you'll have the nicest cars, the best house, etc., etc. Also, it means that you'll not deal with bad health, child death, miscarriage...basically any trials of this world that have plagued man since Adam and Eve ate the apple. And if this trials DO come upon you? Well, that must be because you don't have enough faith.
Seriously, my eyes cannot roll back in my head far enough to accommodate my utter loathing and disdain for this preaching. I found this video today (from an unrelated blog about pastors as superheros, lol..., and I love how this guy talks about the prosperity "gospel":

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Connie Garlick said...

Awesome video. I so agree with him - and you - the prosperity "gospel" is such a horrible message to be told especially in light of the wonderful message that is the true gospel. I pray for a revival in this land, and if that means suffering for the sake of the Gospel, then so be it. Thank you for sharing that.