Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Things I've not done in the past week because there was something mysteriously wrong with my computer keyboard in that the spacebar randomly didn't work:

1. Update my blog (for MovieQuote Monday, to tell you all about my trip...I'll do both, I promise!)
2. Write my support letter for my Haiti trip
3. E-mail anyone with more than a 2-sentence thought.
4. Do any of the forty-gajillion "25 Random Things About Me" on Facebook that I've been tagged for

My first thought on "why this won't work" was "perhaps the keyboard is dusty". So Jon cleaned it out.
Second, "perhaps it needs new batteries". This was a less-than-satisfactory explanation, however, because I wasn't being given any warning message from the computer that the wireless keyboard's "batteries are in a critical state" (Digression: seriously? A critical state)
Anyway, for some reason, I latched onto this explanation for my faulty spacebar. I kept meaning to buy some batteries, because Jon told me we didn't have any AA batteries. (Note to self: Why didn't you just check?) Finally, today, I did check. And by "check", I don't mean dig through half-a-dozen random huge boxes, I mean "open drawer and look in giant Ziploc bag where I keep batteries neatly coralled together". Sure enough, Energizers aplenty. So I replaced the batteries. Hmmm, still not it.
I happened to look up from my seat at the computer and notice that the receiver (that gets the signal from the wireless keyboard and mouse) was just SLIGHTLY crooked. Oh, well, yeah, that's because it's NOT PLUGGED IN ALL THE WAY.
Sigh. I'm so useless sometimes.


Melody Strayer said...

Geez. I was wondering what where the heck you were!

Connie G said...

I really am glad I'm not the only one that does stuff like not notice that something isn't plugged in all the way. I was wondering where you were too.