Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy anniversary to me! and other random thoughts.

Random Thought #1. I TOTALLY ought to be in bed. Everyone else in my family is crashed out. I was up until 4 AM last night, sewing accessories for Jenny's wedding tomorrow.
Random Thought #2. Today is my TENTH wedding anniversary! One of my most treasured memories of my wedding day was my dad waking me up at about 7 AM (even though I had stayed up waaayyyy too late talking and giggling with my cousin Johanna) to show me a double rainbow in the just-clearing sky. It was so special, and such a great visual reminder of all the promises our Father makes and fulfills in our life.
Random Thought #3. My niece, Evie Grace, is about the cutest thing EVER. She's smart. Like, scary, RainMan kind of smart. (Just kidding! Kind of...) She's also a terrific mimic. For instance, a few days ago, she heard her mother exclaim, "Piece of crap!" I now ask her to say that at every available opportunity. It's truly hilarious and I hereby vow to capture it on video tomorrow at some point.
Random Thought #4. It's really, truly, honestly probably NOT a good idea for me and my two sisters to stand next to one another during solemn occasions. The wedding rehearsal today (while it ran smoothly, thanks largely to Mama Candy) was an example of these. We just could NOT hold it together. We probably behaved pretty badly, but I don't care. We won't do it during the actual ceremony. Probably.
Random Thought #5. Kids are just funny. Yesterday, my sister Gwenn was washing Abbie's hair after a practice run of her wedding up-do. Abbie was very well-behaved while all this was going on, and Gwenn said to her, "Abbie, I really appreciate your good behavior. You are SO obedient! Who taught you to be so obedient?" Abbie said, "I don't know...." Gwenn asked, "Well, was it your Mommy?" "No...." "Was it your Daddy?" "No...." "Well, who was it, then?"
Abbie replied, "I think it was God.....wasn't that nice of Him?"
Indeed. I was thinking a little more deeply about that, and realized how true it really is. It's like if I demanded/expected obedience from my kids, but did not teach them any tools to help them do so. I'd always be disappointed in them, and they'd always be frustrated with me because I would be asking them something they literally couldn't do. God expects obedience from us, sure. But He always gives us the tools we need to do it. (Whether we use them is up to us, much like it is with parents and kids.) But God has given us everything we need to do what He asks of us. His joy is ME! He loves to "rejoice over me with singing".
*sigh* God is so cool.
Good night, sleep tight. I'm taking my tired-but-not-sleepy-and-wishing-I-had-an-Ambien-or-something-stronger-than-Tylenol-PM self to bed.


nanajobx said...

oh..and happy anniversary. honest i didn't forget. i even have a card for you. just got a little busy. it was john and suzie's anniversary too.
i'll make it up to you.....

ctf said...

Happy Anniversary. I'm glad you are having fun with the family this weekend.

I agree. Evie is pretty much the smartest kid ever. (and pretty darn adorable.)