Monday, January 5, 2009

I am a superhero! I always knew it!

For Christmas this year, I bought all my nieces and nephews playsilks from The ColorFarm. I love playsilks; they're great imagination playthings. My kids use them for capes, dresses, forts, "shepherd hats", and (my own personal favorite), invisibility cloaks. So anyway, I bought them for Nia, Nico, Josiah and Evie as well. Gwenn called me the other day and related this story:
Her kids were playing with their silks and wanted to play "superhero". So they were wearing them as capes when Gwenn realizes that her kids do not actually know any superheroes (at least not "traditional" ones, i.e, Batman, Supergirl), because she overhears Nia say, "I am going to be Superhero Auntie Gretchen. You (to Nico) are Superhero Uncle Jon. And Josiah can be Superhero Micah."
Gosh. I think my family is the cast of the Incredibles!


Melody Strayer said...

That's awesome. I always knew you had superhuman powers.

ctf said...

a-dorable. Great gift, too.

The picture of Nico absolutely cracked me up. What an expression on his face.