Sunday, August 24, 2008

Micah's Birthday

We had a birthday party for Micah at the swimming hole by the airport this year (again). It's a pretty awesome destination, as it provides shelter (a pavilion) and entertainment (swimming) for free. All I did was bring a cake, some snacks and drinks, and some goody bags for the kids (which I forgot to hand out when then left....arrrrgh).
But speaking of "arrrghhh", Micah chose a pirate theme for his party. This was based solely on his picking out a pirate ship cake from the Family Fun website. (For the record, I DID try to steer him toward the Lego cake, because he truly does love Legos, but no go. So, pirate ship it is.) I made this super-awesome cake and really didn't have enough time to do it justice, but on the way over to the swimming hole, Micah looked at the cake (Katie was holding it on her lap) and said, "Mom. This cake TOTALLY ROCKS." So there you have it folks. It's crooked, leans to one side and didn't have enough time to chill. Also, there were gale-force winds present that day, so I didn't even ATTEMPT to light the candles. But we made pirate hats, I drew pirate mustaches on anyone who wanted them, we had cake and juice boxes, Micah opened presents, and we swam in the sound. The highlights of the day were many and varied, but the two biggest were Julie cutting her foot on a shell in the water and Jon having to EMT her up (thankfully she didn't need stitches) and one of the pool noodles blowing out to sea and the lifeguard attempting to swim after it (he didn't catch it. He did yell at us for littering, though. Whatever.).
Here are some pictures:

Listing to the side, the pirate cake.

My birthday boy!
Blowing out imaginary candles (side note: Katie started the Happy Birthday song, and a higher-pitched version has never before been sung. At least by me. )
Abbie was playing paper-towel football with Jessica before we started.

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