Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Speaking of being selfish and whiney...

I really am. I am so totally blessed to have the health that I do. My children and husband are healthy.
I'm a wretch to complain about a cold. Thank you, God, for taking today to remind me of that.
This is a list for Tricia (their blog is linked to your right)...things that I can't wait for you to experience with Gwyneth!

* the first time she sings a song. Kate's first was a Shirley Temple song called "Early Bird".
* the first she pretends to talk on your phone (or really does)
* when she asks Jesus into her heart (and gets baptized!)
* when she first reads to you
* when she puts on your shoes and walks around
* when she tells you you are soooo beautiful
* when she asks you to put makeup on her
* when you feed her her first solid food (good times, good times!)
* finding her in your bed when you don't remember how she got there
* having a headache and having her put her hands on your head and saying, "I pray for you mama!"
* her first "concert"; whether it's childrens' choir, dance, gymnastics, soccer, what-have-you; you'll just bust with pride and awe that "THAT'S MY DAUGHTER!"

It's a ride of a lifetime, Tricia. You are so blessed!


Shelley said...

You are the best mama ever. Do you need anything?? Let me know! Love you!

Shelley said...

Also...I went to the store and will be making you homemade chicken soup. Unfortunately I can't make it til Thurs am because I'm working....but it's coming!

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!