Saturday, March 22, 2008

In case you need further proof....

...that I have spawned two of the MOST DRAMATIC children that ever lived, I present the evidence. (Quotes from Micah and Abbie in the past few days.)

Micah (in the car on the way home from the store): AAAAAH! I have to poop SOOOO BAD! I can't hold it any longer! I'm about to poop myself! (And it should be noted that upon arriving home, approximately 97 seconds later, he saw his sister climbing the dogwood tree in the front yard, and said, "Hey! I wanna do that too!" To which I replied, "I thought you had to go to the bathroom?" And he said, "Oh, yeah..." He went inside and did not, in fact, have to go to the bathroom.)

Abbie (climbing Jockey's Ridge, up the smallest dune there, about 50 feet after we left the parking lot onto the sand): "Ohhhhh! I can't DO this any longer! My legs are going to break off!" (And yes, she did use THOSE exact words. No one else believes she's just turned three, either.)

Micah (leaving Jockey's Ridge after being there less than an hour): "Do you have any WAAAATER?" Me: "No. It's gone." Micah: Well, then, I guess I will just DIIIIIE of THIIIIRST!"

Although these are pretty good examples, I should, for the sake of full disclosure, let you know that they are only runners-up in the Drama Queen contest to my niece, Nia. She's such a trip. My favorite one was when she and my kids were fighting over a balloon, and I took it away. She immediately started throwing a fit, and I put her in time-out in Micah's room. She was SOBBING on the bed, moaning to herself. Between big gulping gasps, she manages to choke out, "Th-th-that was the b-b-best balloon I ever HAAAD! I will NEVER have a balloon like that EVEEER AGAAAAAIN!"

I love kids. Dramatic or not. But sometimes I feel as if I should be handing out Oscars around here.