Monday, March 17, 2008

A birthday parade!

Abbie turned 3 yesterday. She told everyone! With exclamation points! I AM THREEEE! To celebrate, she got an invisibility cloak (actually a tie-dyed playsilk from The Colorfarm - see link to "Joy, the reason I wear tie-dye" to the right). She also got her ears "peered" (her word). The big thing was the St. Patrick's Day parade on the beach. We were driving over there to watch it when we got a call from our friend Paul Charron, asking if the kids wanted to ride on the float the Full Moon Cafe was sponsoring. They said "yeeeeeeeahhhh! We waaaaaannnna! Yaaaaahoooo!" So we ended up all riding aboard the Castle McCain float (which won second prize, by the way!). It was COLD and WINDY, but sooo much fun. Abbie rode in the back of the truck with Jon and Keagan, and Katie and Micah rode atop one of the castle ramparts on the float (with me) and threw pennies to the crowd. Abbie was wearing her "Birthday Girl" sash atop her winter coat, so countless people shouted birthday greetings to her. She said it was her birthday parade.
I'm posting 2 videos, the first of Abbie's dialogue with Jon about her birthday "brefixt", the second is a bit from the parade; first you see the Tinkers playing (yay! They rock!)...then Pauli gets a call on his cell phone. Which he stops playing the drum to answer. It totally cracked me up.

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