Saturday, May 10, 2008

New pictures (with my new camera!)

Jon bought me a new camera for Mother's Day (since I LOST, yes LOST my other one...along with my almost-new Flip video camera :( ...yes, I am careless). But I totally love this new one and am still figuring out how to use it. It's this kind Kodak EasyShare Z12is.
It's really cool. As evidence, here are a few pictures of my week. I had Gwenn's two boys for a few days this week, which is always fun. The highlight of Nico's visit was a "field trip" to see Grandad's trash truck. He was SOOO excited! Grandad showed him all around it, pointing out different things it does, and put him in the driver's seat to let him turn it on and honk the horn. One thing I have always appreciated about the way my dad interacts with kids is that he never talks down to them. I'm not sure how much of the "technical stuff" Nico understood, but he definitely took it all in, and Grandad just talked to him like you'd talk to an adult. I've heard him explain some really complicated things to my kids in "grown-up" terms, and not only have they understood him, but they were able to teach it back to me. Anyway, that was the best part of the visit for Nico, I think. For Josiah....hmmm...tough to say; it's probably a toss-up between the "no-highchair situation" (I don't have one at my house and Gwenn forgot to send the booster) and the "Auntie Gretchen doesn't care if I crawl around on her dirty floors and get absolutely filthy". Or possibly the "Cousin Katie loves me and pretty much exists to cater to my every whim". A good time was had by all, folks.

Abbie and Josiah in the bath

Aaah! It's a big wave! (That's what she said, anyway.)

Jon says, "Hey, Mommy, the kids are 'tired'!" Get it?

Squeeze 'em all in there!
Dee-dee Grandad truck!

It's pretty big.

Driving and honking the horn (when Grandad turned it off, Nico vehemently signed and said, "More, more!"

Explaining the inner workings.

This is Katie's favorite position for reading.

Kate, slave to Jo-la-la.

The whole crew (we missed Nia! and of course, Evie)...Josiah is belted into Abbie's tall chair.

My pretty girly

And my handsome little man..
And my sassy sweetie!

...OK, after a fruitless 15-minute attempt to figure out how to upload these pictures, I'm putting it on hold for now. I have a garden to weed. I'll try to figure it out later!
EDITED TO ADD: Figured it out now! Sorry, Melody!


Melody Strayer said...

What the freaking H?!?!?! I was all excited to see the photos; I was thinking, "Why am I not seeing them?"

You, my dear sister, are a tease. A merciless tease.

Melody Strayer said...

Those are so sweet... I actually got a little tear looking at some of them (although that may be because I just finished reading the post above it :) Katie is such a little mama. And HOW in the WORLD is it comfortable to read like that?!?! Crazy kiddo. Can't wait to see you guys.

Anonymous said...

back in high school when i took yoga my yogi told me to stand on my head before a test cause it made you think better. problem was i couldn't stand on my head which could actually explain a lot....

Jen said...

love the pics--i have the same camera. jon did good for mom's day!! (sorry---nak)