Thursday, May 15, 2008

How we spend our money

One of the blogs I find highly amusing is Stuff White Parents Like. (Not to be confused with Stuff Christians Like, which I've linked to before.) Today's post on Stuff White Parents Like was about celebrity babies, and people who shop for them. We're talking about BABIES, people. As in little demanding creatures, who, while lovable and beautiful and a blessing, will ALWAYS crap their pants (and probably get it all over their clothes), blow breastmilk all over said clothing, rub snot in their hair, get the picture. They are a dirty, dirty group. So when I clicked on the link to Petit Tresor, I about gagged. Now, I know that it's a proven fact that I am one of the cheapest people in the world. But of course, I like to get nice stuff for my kids. Although, by "nice", I mean from Target as opposed to a thrift store. For the most part, though, my kids DO get their stuff from a thrift store. Because, as both a cheap person and one with a shred (I'd like to think) of common sense in her head, I know that spending $20 on a onesie is just stupid, because (you heard it here, folks), THAT ONESIE IS GOING TO GET CRAPPED UPON.
Most if not all of you know that my sister and her husband on are on staff at the Haitian Childrens' Home in Jacmel, Haiti. They are in the process of moving there to open up another home for children. The Haitian Childrens' Home acquires sponsors for their children to support them. They split the sponsorship up between 5 people/families, so each person/family spends $32 a month to partially help a child get food, clothing, education, childcare (there are full-time live-in nannies there), get the picture.
So, for $160 a month, you could pay for LITERALLY EVERYTHING a child in Haiti needs. Not just to survive, but to flourish. Here's a breakdown of how that works: Sponsorship Costs. Or, for about the same price, you could acquire this admittedly cute, but really, not THAT cute dress from Petit Tresor (the Chloe dress). Now, keep in mind that, as I told you earlier, this dress WILL GET CRAPPED ON. (Just in case you forgot.)
I know we are, in general, a consumer society. Way overboard on pretty much everything. But my point, as I'm sure you can tell is: WHY are the people that can MOST AFFORD TO HELP spending their friggin' money on THIS? Aaargh, it just makes me sick.


Jen said...

Preach it, sister! I hear ya, it sickens me to think of the amount of money people spend not only on clothing, but just plastic toy crap that will wind up broken and forgotten within a matter of days. We so need to get our priorities straight in this country. And what are we teaching our children?!

connie garlick said...

I so agree - I worked as a temp for Waterford crystal several years ago - the employees were like, Oh, we get such good deals on the stuff - I looked at a little 2" vase and said, I could sponsor a child for 3 months for the price of that. Needless to say, I did not get to go permanent with that job. I love the thrift store for my granddaughter's clothes - for pete's sake, she's 16 months old and will be growing out of everything so fast.