Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day gifts!

All of my kids made me handmade cards for Mother's Day. I love that. I love how they express love. Micah and Katie actually made me 2 each. Micah's first one looked suspiciously like Katie's drawing, and she said, "Micah copied me!" So he made me another. Which had NOTHING whatsoever to do with Mother's Day. It's a pirate ship. With a cannonball hurtling toward it. The row of backwards Zs represent the guy sleeping "below deck".
Another thing I got for Mother's Day is Micah and Abbie (and, to a lesser extent, Katie) saying, "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!" approximately every four minutes. Usually followed by an "I love you!" My mom took the kids and I out for lunch, too.
The gifts that are the best for me are ones that are truly surprises and demonstrate that the giver really has thought out what you'd like best. Kate got it right in both cases yesterday. She took some of her own money from her "pecan sales" last Christmas and bought me a dozen roses from a fundraiser my mom was doing for her youth group. It was so sweet and so typical of Katie to do something like that for me. She is seriously the best kid ever.

Roses from Katie

Close-up...they're beautiful!

Real men wear pink

Soda makes Abbie a bit feeble, apparently.

Katie's drawing another picture on her menu.

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Melody Strayer said...

Just an FYI--- when Katie come to visit me, I may not be returning her. :)