Friday, October 3, 2008

Why I Heart Pandora Radio

Because today while I was cleaning, I put on my station entitled "Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This" (Eurythmics) and heard Tiffany, the Bangles, Janet Jackson, Debbie Gibson, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Berlin, Culture get the point. I'm such an eighties geek. And it's FREE!


Anonymous said...

I was a fan of Pandora for a while, but, would often get tired of it as it seemed repetitive and just wouldn’t play the songs I wanted to hear.

I recently discovered Slacker and love it. Similar idea but more stations based on genre (including 80s Hits and a great 80s Alternative station), ability to make stations based on one artist or as many artists as I want and other controls. Also, they have a cool new portable device to take my stations wherever I want.

If you want, give it a try and see what you think. BTW - It's also free.

Amy said...

I use Pandora at work!