Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A photo shoot

We took pictures at the Lost Colony park last week. I will post more later, because Israel took the "real" pictures. I haven't sorted through those yet. These are some that I took over his shoulder while he was working. I love them!

She posed herself like this. Princess much?

Ahh, that pensive look she's perfected.

Micah was actually just climbing here, not posing.

Check out the eyes! Love it.

Silly pictures are best.

Again with the pensive.

Easily my favorite of all of them.

Cutie Abbie.

My rugrats.

The whole group.


Melody Strayer said...


A) Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
B) Holy Moses, those kids are practically GROWN!!! I'm quite sure that wasn't the case when I saw them two months ago!

Michelle said...

Absolutely wonderful!!!

ctf said...

yeah... what Melody said! See you SOOOON.

Anonymous said...

yeah!!! u'r oldest looks just like u when u we're younger!!!OMG!!! so one of u'r things u like most is the smell of u'r son's head when he's been outside. Y is that the boys heads smells so much better than girls when their outside??? I LOVE my angel...I love all of them but...boys rock!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Emil said...

There's no doubt, the dude is absolutely right.
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