Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ten point one

I was tagged by my friend Becka to do this blog section. First, I should say, "Today the part of Neil/Shelly will be played by Gretchen", because that's my favorite snarky way of saying "Yes, I know it's been a while since I updated my blog, but at least I do it more often than Neil and Shelly". Sadly, that is no longer true because they've both been blogging fools in the past week. So I can't even use that excuse.
So, yesterday, Becka did "10 Complaints I Have in my Life Right Now", which was followed by today's "10 Things I am Thankful For". She tagged me in today's, so I'm starting with complaints. Because, you know, they're easier. (Just kidding.) (Also, one of Becka's complaints is that her boys haven't yet mastered peeing in the toilet instead of on the floor. Thankfully, that is not one of my complaints.)

1. I am playing single mom this week while Jon goes up to NYC to "help a friend" hang out at McSorley's Irish Pub. This comes on the heels of playing single mom for the entire month of January while Jon worked nights (see last month's post on aluminum foil on why I hate night shifts).

2. My house is a wreck.

3. I have a lot of "chores" to do this week, and it's not the best time to have to play single mom.

4. My five year-old kid will not. stop. wetting. the. bed.

5. My 7-year-old kid will. not. learn. her. addition. facts.

6. Getting out of debt is HARD WORK. Boo-friggin'-hoo, I know. We are doing it. Slowly but surely, thank you David Ramsey.

7. Until we get out of debt we will never be able to own a home.

8....well, thankfully, that's the only things I can think of to complain about! Oh, wait...

8. I have to make dinner soon. I hate cooking these days.

More tomorrow.
But not complaints.

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Connie G said...

My house is a wreck too. Unfortunately I have no kids to blame it on. Unless you count the one I'm married to (and I can say that because he'd say the same about me)