Saturday, February 14, 2009

10.2 - Things I am Thankful For

Following up (a few days late, but I'll tell you why later) my "10 complaints"
I have been BUSY the past few days. While I was playing single mom, my friend Neil came over to hang out (on Tuesday night). He ended up staying with us past when Jon came home, and while he was here, we (meaning Neil...with a little help from Katie) laid new vinyl tile in the kitchen, cleaned the kitchen and living room, raked up about 15 trash-cans full of pine straw and pinecones from the backyard, and folded three enormously overflowing baskets of laundry. Sooo, topping off my list of ten things I'm thankful for is
1. NEIL! I am so thankful for good friends that "hold my arms up".
2. Productiveness. I tend to spiral downward in regards to depression and housekeeping together.
3. My church family.
4. My kids.
5. My husband.
6. My kids again, because they made me breakfast in bed this morning for Valentine's Day
7. My parents, who keep my kids all the time, enabling me to work.
8. Jon's parents, who don't get to see the kids as often as they'd like, but make every visit special.
9. My sisters.
10. My job.

I will post pictures later of our great kitchen "remodel"!


OBXNeil said...

hurry and post the pics, woman! you gots some jealousies to spread!

Melody Strayer said...

If it weren't for the 7 million impossibilities that would deter such a union, I'm pretty sure I would marry Neil. :)

OBXNeil said...

you know, Melody, those aren't bad odds, better than the lottery. When's the last time you played a scratch-off ticket and won "clean kitchen," or "laundry folded?" Perspective, lovely one, perspective. Oh, and G, I can see your blog just fine.