Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seeing the beauty

A post about beauty...should NOT begin with a discussion of unibrows. (LOLcats says..."Unabrowz....I haz them".) Facial hair is an ongoing battle of grossness. (One that, thankfully, modern technology has made far easier. Also, at least I'm a girl. My nephew Josiah is SUNK. He's gonna need "manscaping" for REAL.)

Earlier this week, my girls and I went to Raleigh to see my sister and her family. On the first night we stayed there, Kate had a terrible cough that didn't seem to bother her (I mean, she slept through it), but I didn't want her to wake her sister or her cousins, so I went and got her out of the kids' room and put her on the other couch in the living room. I gave her another dose of cough medicine and a sip of water. She hardly woke through the whole thing. I was kneeling next to her, making sure she stayed asleep before I went to lay on the other couch. As I was looking at her, I thought to myself "Good grief, that kid's got some BROWS! She's going to need to slap a wax strip on there by the time she's nine! And wow...her "big teeth" are growing in a little goofy." Don't get me wrong, I think my child is beautiful, but the FIRST things I was thinking of were things that weren't.
In my heart, at they very moment, God spoke to me. I've heard Him before, but this was so clear it was unmistakable. He said, "Why aren't you seeing her beauty before her flaws? That's how I see YOU."
Whew. Praise be to the God who sees our beauty first. Awesome.


Connie G said...

Awesome. As one who fights the facial hair battle (sometimes more successfully than others), I hear ya.

Melody Strayer said...

Got a little teared up reading that... might have been the hormones, but still...:)

ctf said...

wow... tears here too.

Anonymous said...

Brittney here.

Thanks Gretchen, I needed to hear that. Like the others who commented, I TOO got choked up!

Jen said...

thanks for sharing that G. I needed to hear that today!