Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Movie Quote Monday...on Tuesday

Got missed in the whole drama yesterday of the spilled coffee. The rest of my day was taken up with a TWO HOUR eye-doctor appointment (everything's fine; just takes a long time with little kids. Side note: Micah will look so stinkin' cute in glasses.) and making twenty-seven dozen cookies. (Not exaggerating.) And 6 dozen rum balls, which I had to put in the freezer lest I eat them ALL.
So...movie quotes:

"It's a beautiful duck!....but...it's smiling!"

Bonus quote: Your MOM goes to college!


Anonymous said...

First one is from "A Christmas Story"...just before the duck gets his head chopped off!

Not sure on the second, but I like the thought.

Love ya,
Sally B.

Gretchen said...

Sally...I knew you'd get that one!