Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some of my top favorite of all time funnies from my kids

OK, so kids are funny. Bill Cosby taught us that, right? And of course, everyone thinks their kids are the funniest. Mine actually may be, though. (Kidding, of course...kind of.)

These are my top moments, though.

Grandad: Guess what we’re having for dinner?
Micah: What?
Grandad: Horse snot, camel slop with a cherry on
Micah: (wailing) I don’t liiiiiike cherries!

Abbie: I pooted!
Mommy: Well, what do you say?
Abbie: Bessie [the dog] did it!

K: Mom, I’ve made plans for tomorrow.
M: really, what are your plans?
K: well, first, I’m going to get up. Then , I’m going to put on
my robe. Then, I’m going to brush my hair all by myself.
Then, I’m going to take a bath. By myself.
M: that sounds good; let me know if you need help with
anything, OK?
K: mom, I’m just trying to act like a five-year-old

Micah (to Abbie): floating zoo, floating zoo!
Abbie: Floating zoo?
Micah: No, Abbie, you have to hear Mr. Fred sing it. You won’t even believe it,
But he does. And that’s the only reason he comes to Creation.
Abbie: To Creation?
Micah: That’s the only reason I go, too.

I'm sure I'll be adding more. Kid funnies are one of the only things that keep me from "jerking the wheel into a [expletive deleted] bridge abutment!"
For 20 points, name that movie quote.


Melody Strayer said...

I am feeling like it is something with Adam Sandler?!?


That sounds familiar to me.

Gretchen said...

Nope, not Adam Sandler.
For another you're-sure-to-get-it-now clue, try this, "Yep. That's gonna leave a mark." (Same movie, same character saying it.)