Thursday, August 6, 2009

The 10-minute challenge

My mother started using this method a few days ago, and blogged about it here. I decided what the heck, and I tried it yesterday. I LOVE IT. It is so rewarding. I stuck to the ten minutes (more or less), and got the entire house (more or less) presentable in less than 45 minutes. Today I did more. This is truly a great method for someone like me with an instant gratification problem and a short attention span. Also, working with a timer brings out my competitive streak. I think I will get a timer I can carry around with me; the only one I have is on my oven.
Anyway, thanks, Mommy!


Connie G said...

Gretchen - I use my cell phone - the snooze is 5 min so if I hit it twice I get 10 - thank you and thanks Denise, it does work well.

Mommy B said...

I set my timer for 5 minutes at the time - great idea and a little bit of a workout since you make yourself move extra fast

Doesn't that count as a workout?