Monday, April 6, 2009

A story about why I should take the time to put tags on my blogs.

If I did that, I could do a search of my own blog and see if I've posted before about how AWESOME my friend Neil is. I know I've told you about him when he re-did my floor. I like to cook with Neil because it's always an event and not just a meal. Also, he's ridiculously helpful.
Yesterday, we had a party for Jon (his birthday's tomorrow! so send him an e-mail to say hey We had...let's see...12 adults and 9 kids here. We grilled steak and Neil made an incredible dish that he calls "loaded baked-potato salad". It's like potato salad on steroids. Yum. Anyway, he came over about an hour before people got here, helped me finish cleaning up, made said salad, helped with the grilling, then proceeded to serve everyone who was here like I hired him to cater. He ALSO did the dishes and cleaned up my kitchen while I was outside saying good-bye to some folks.
I love this guy. Neil has one of the biggest servant's hearts that I've ever known. I am blessed to count him as one of my best friends.


Melody Strayer said...

Lucky ducky. Does he know anybody in Lancaster who wants to be my friend?

nanajobx said...

he also dropped your wedding dress off at the cleaners to have it pressed on your wedding day and came in and cleaned MY kitchen when we were all out setting up for the wedding. this guy has been a helpful part of our family unit for a LONG time. and did i mention that he manned the kitchen at Full Moon for our fund raiser for our Haiti trip. WE love you Neil!

Connie G said...

I like Neil, and I don't even know him.